Go is a board game, which is very popular in China, Japan, and Korea.  Details about the game may be found at the home page of the american Go association. The aim of the GoBoardTools project is to implement some tools related to this game.

The core of the project is the implementation of game positions as a C++ class.  Objects of this class have methods to quickly determine all valid move for the corresponding position, to play a move, and to undo moves.  We plan to build several tools around this class, for example a go problem solver and an editor for SGF files. There is a Python interface for the board C++ class (generated with the interface generator SWIG), so it is easy to write these tools as Python scripts.

At the moment the only way to get the sources, is via CVS. For more information please visit the GoBoardTool SourceForge page.

The GoBoardTools project was started by Jochen Voß.  When Tobias Wahl joined in, we moved the project to
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